Blue & Gold 
Cell Approach

Test yourselves by allowing us to put you under pressure. We’ll challenge your procedures, training, team, and strategy. Develop your team today!

Copper Collar Group was built to help you manage risk, improve decisions, and operate in a safer and more efficient manner. We are your partner in the ongoing efforts to identify, manage, and mitigate risks. Organizations are systematically ill-fitted to identify their blind spots and weaknesses in procedures, teams, and leadership. Therefore, we created Blue & Gold Cell.

Blue & Gold Cell is designed to stress your procedures, your leadership, and your team by identifying weaknesses through a structured set of problems. B&G Cell is comprised of fearless and objective experts with decades of experience building, running, and evaluating teams charged with high-risk military diving and maritime operations.


This was an eye-opening experience for our team to take part in. CCG’s Master Divers stressed our team to their limits while providing a fresh way of looking at high risk diving. We are safer and better as a result and will be doing this again.

B&G Cell Client Client Testimonial

I’ve been diving for over a decade and thought that I could handle anything. The Blue and Gold Cell team showed me new ways to look at things and a safer way to manage our dive team. Our capabilities were stretched, but we are stronger because of it.

B&G Cell Participant Client Testimonial