A Handheld Sonar Device for Water Rescue & Recovery.

The latest in ultrasound & artificial intelligence technologies.

AquaEye is an advanced underwater scanner, using the latest in ultrasound and artificial intelligence technologies to identify human bodies underwater.

AquaEye sends a sonar pulse out to 50 meters or 165 feet and listens for the return echo. AquaEye then decides which echoes match the echoes from a human body and indicates the location of the missing persons on the screen. 

AquaEye can scan 1 acre of water in under 2 minutes.


Identify victims within seconds of entering the water.

AquaEye handheld sonar enables rescuers to quickly access a scene and identify potential victims within seconds of entering the water. 

Keeping your team safe is key, and the water is a dangerous place. By speeding up a search, AquaEye shortens the time your team is in the water. 

Being efficient with your resources is also important. Teams tied up during a long water rescue or recovery create resource constraints which can lead to longer response times and increased labor hours

Copper Collar Founder Jon Klukas instructing team on the AquaEye technology


In waterfront rescue, every second counts, which is why AquaEye is designed for grab and go situations. It will remain fully charged while on its charging dock and once removed will operate continuously for 8 hours before requiring a recharge. If an AquaEye is left on standby without being used for long periods of time we recommend recharging it once every 2-3 months.

AquaEye is designed to survive in real-world conditions. Rescuers operate in all weather and in unpredictable environments and their equipment must do the same. AquaEye® scanner quality is robust, buoyant, waterproof, can withstand salt and sand, and is built to sustain impact. AquaEye is highly portable and durable. AquaEye can be fitted to REACH which is a telescoping pole to facilitate searches under ice, from vessels, and from piers where entering the water is difficult. 

Water rescue and recovery teams are investing in AquaEye for 3 reasons:

  • Fast: Speed up rescues and recoveries
  • Safe: Increase Team Safety
  • Intelligent: Interprets sonar data for you


AquaEye Training

  • The team at CCG provides worldwide training for AquaEye users. The course is a minimum of 2-days but can be adjusted to fit your team’s needs.
  • Course includes the development of Techniques, Tactics, and Procedures (TTPs) necessary to employ AquaEye in your operating environments and with existing equipment.
  • Course taught by former Navy Divers with decades of operational SAR / Recovery experience.

who is using aquaeye?

  • U.S. Military​
  • Federal Agencies​
  • Hundreds of Public Safety Dive/Water Rescue Teams​
  • Lifeguards​
  • Non-profits​
  • Foreign military and Coast Guard​


employment includes:

  • U.S. (48 States)​
  • Canada​
  • Europe​
  • SE Asia​
  • Central and South America