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We believe in the coexistence of safety & efficiency to enable mission success.

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Copper Collar Group provides unmatched solutions in Dive Training, Hyperbaric Programs, Safety/Risk Mitigation, and Technical Consulting.

Our seasoned experts didn’t just read a book about diving, we wrote the book that diving and hyperbaric programs around the world are based on – the U.S.N. Dive Manual.  With military diving careers that spanned decades, our leaders are experts at training teams charged with high-risk diving & hyperbaric operations and will provide more real-world knowledge and experience than anyone in the industry. 

We proudly serve Public Safety Dive Teams, Clinical Hyperbaric Centers, University and Scientific Dive Programs, Investigators, Insurance Industry, U.S. Military, and State and Federal Agencies.

Our Story

The U.S. Navy’s Deep-Sea diving school was established in Newport, RI in 1882. Since then, Navy Divers have served around the globe in wide-ranging, high-risk maritime missions such as salvage, ship repair, research and development, underwater demolition, and espionage. We have developed and perfected diving equipment and systems, techniques, training, and doctrine during our rich and storied history. Each mission in a hostile underwater environment is critical and success is the only option when there are no second chances. 

Our team is made up of former Navy Master Divers all of whom have reached the pinnacle of diving and leadership in the Navy. Each one brings 2-3 decades of experience in a vast array of complex missions, diving apparatus, hyperbaric medicine, training, maintenance, and program oversight. Today, we apply our hundreds of years of combined diving experience in the most complex of environments in order to enable your team to operate in the safest, most efficient way possible.