It’s time to unleash the full potential of your team.

No two organizations or teams are alike. That’s why we build our training specifically to suit your needs. We assembled top-tier military special operations divers and senior leaders capable of rethinking traditional training. 

Our training solutions are rooted in our lived experience, geared for how operators actually learn, and tailored for your organization. We apply hundreds of years of Navy Diving experience in order to develop your team and organization, resulting in safer and more effective diving and maritime operations. 

Poor decision making or unclear communication is the cause of most accidents in high-risk operations. We’ll help your team develop the same skills, procedures, and leadership that we honed during our time in special operations military diving.

*See our Training Brochure for a list of training we offer.

Blue & Gold Cell Approach

Copper Collar Group was built to help you manage risk, improve decisions, and operate in a safer and more efficient manner. We are your partner in the ongoing efforts to identify, manage, and mitigate risks. Organizations are systematically ill-fitted to identify their blind spots and weaknesses in procedures, teams, and leadership. Therefore, we created Blue & Gold Cell.

Blue & Gold Cell is designed to stress your procedures, your leadership, and your team by identifying weaknesses through a structured set of problems. B&G Cell is comprised of fearless and objective experts with decades of experience building, running, and evaluating teams charged with high-risk military diving and maritime operations.