About Copper Collar Group, LLC
Safety and efficiency can coexist – this is our passion, and it’s our promise to you.
The Copper Collar Way

The Copper Collar Group enables organizations to simultaneously prioritize safety and efficiency while conducting diving, hyperbaric, or maritime operations by leveraging the most experienced and well-trained divers in the world – former U.S. Navy Master Divers.

Who We Are

Mission-tested veterans with decades of diving and hyperbaric experience across the full spectrum of diving methods and missions. Our team of former Navy Master Divers/Master Training Specialists are recognized experts at building, training, and leading high-performance teams charged with complex and dangerous diving and hyperbaric missions. Our mission at CCG is to help you develop, build, or refine your own high-performance team charged with diving or hyperbaric operations.

*We never train or certify other trainers to work on our behalf, ensuring that you always get the absolute best and most experienced professionals for your organization to leverage.

What We Do

We offer practical, experience-based solutions to simplify complex problems in the diving and hyperbaric fields. We customize our core training to meet your specific needs and operating environment. Unlike typical classroom training, our unique, personalized service utilizes a hands-on, real world approach, allowing your team to realize results that will have you operating at the highest level possible. Our curriculum is followed up with scenario-based training geared to the environment(s) that your team operates in and is focused on critical thinking, decision making, risk management and mitigation, team dynamics, and leadership development.

Master level Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) consulting services. Our team of experts bring global experience in the design, build, facility requirements, maintenance, procedure development, training, Quality Assurance (QA) and certification of complex hyperbaric facilities. If it happens in or around a recompression chamber, we’ve done it and can help your business win.


Our History

The U.S. Navy’s Deep-Sea diving school was established in Newport, RI in 1882. Since then, Navy Divers have served around the globe in wide-ranging, high-risk maritime missions such as salvage, ship repair, research and development, underwater demolition, and espionage. We have developed and perfected diving equipment and systems, techniques, training, and doctrine during our rich and storied history. Each mission in a hostile underwater environment is critical and success is the only option when there are no second chances.

Our team is made up of former Navy Master Divers all of whom have reached the pinnacle of diving and leadership in the Navy. Each one brings 2-3 decades of experience in a vast array of complex missions, diving apparatus, hyperbaric medicine, training, maintenance, and program oversight. Today, we apply our hundreds of years of combined diving experience in the most complex of environments in order to enable your team to operate in the safest, most efficient way possible.