Program & 
Operational Analysis

Assess your organization’s performance to gain unique insights and discover how your team truly operates.

The goal of Copper Collar Group’s Program and Operational Analysis is to uncover how your organization operates. Our deep dive looks at all facets of your diving or maritime program, allowing you to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement administratively, operationally, and with your training. 

We leverage the decades of diving experience our U.S. Navy trained Master Divers bring to the table to provide detailed insights provided by our diagnostic survey, robust analysis, and targeted qualitative observations. Understanding the barriers to safety, efficiency, and communication are critical components to advancing your team’s effectiveness.

Your detailed results are analyzed in depth and broken out to show you how your team performs on key drivers such as compliance, maintenance, operational execution, communication, decision-making, supervision, culture, and teamwork. You’ll gain unfiltered feedback and a definitive plan for improvement. 


We thought that we were diving safely until we called in the experts. The CCG team is knowledgeable, honest, and dedicated to safety. We are thankful that we chose to partner with the CCG Team.

CCG Client in the Midwest Client Testimonial

We had no idea that some of the equipment we were using was being employed incorrectly. The analysis, guidance, and training that the CCG provided was priceless.

CCG Client Client Testimonial

The CCG team developed our Diving Safe Practices Manual and provided training to ensure that our entire team was in sync.

CCG Client in CA Client Testimonial